My weight release journey with HCG

Hello again.  Back in January I posted about my weight release journey, you can see that post HERE, if you like.  I had good intentions of continuing my diet, but it just didn't work out.  I had a really bad time with my knees in the spring, and fell into a depression, yes, I deal with that, too and admitting it here for those of you, who deal with it, as well.  So, what do we do, when we are depressed, we eat and self sabotage ourselves and I fell into that category as well.

I really, really wanted to get out of that vicious circle of eating, but it just didn't happen.  I started looking at diets again, but I knew I wouldn't be able to workout still like I used to, so it had to be something without major working out.  Than  my sweet friend Ching came to visit with us, right before our move and she mentioned to me the HCG diet as she knew someone, who it had worked for.  So I started researching right away.  Found a forum, and read all about it and since it didn't require working out, I decided to buy it and really stick with it.

I decided to post about this on my blog, since I got lots of request about it on my Facebook wall after posting my success with it.  I got lots of requests about where I get mine from, so I wanted to make this available to all, who would be interested.

First and foremost.  Please research it, as I am only responsible for my own actions and want to make sure you know what you are taking.  I have NOT had any side effects from it at all and the forum I attend, which is very active is proof that it does work and that there are no side effects.  This post is not about educating you what HCG is, so please do your research on it, as I did.  The pellets I take are homeopathic, that much I can tell you.  I am here to tell you my experience with it and hoping that if you are in need of releasing some "fluffiness" as a friend of mine put it...LOL, this might be helpful to you.

Ok, so here are the details on this diet in a nutshell.  The length of the diet is40 days, you take 4 tiny HCG pellets every 6 hours, which will totally take your appetite away and I mean totally!!!!    The first two days you gorge yourself with all your favorite foods, while you already start taking the pellets, than starting the 3rd day you only eat VLCD 500 calories.  Honestly, it sounds crazy, but I haven’t been hungry.  Once in a while my stomach growls, but it goes away!  You can only eat certain type of fruits and vegetables and there is a list of them, so you don’t have to wonder.  Also there are a list of meats you can have, which are really most meats out there.  What you can’t have is any fat, sugar, or carbs.  But honestly I haven’t missed them at all, and I am a big carb lover, I mean BIG!!!!

So, there are three forms of the HCG.  Shots, drops and pellets.  I choose the pellets, which are like tiny balls, because you don’t have to fridgerate it, so you can go anywhere with them and I really didn’t want to use shots…LOL  Here is the site I got mine from and they priority mailed it to me in two days.  Great service!  They also show all the details of the diet on their site, so check that out.

And here is the forum that has been god sent, as it’s full of information and inspiration and support from others who are doing the same thing.  VERY active forum, so you will find it very helpful:

My results as of today are that I released 12.8 lbs so far and a pants size in just a little over a week.  My goal is to get down to 145 lbs. and to reach that I have another 35 lbs roughly to go.  Since you can only do 40 days at a time on the HCG, I will do another round most likely to release the amount I want to.  The first week everyone looses a great amount of weight, after that your daily release should be anywhere between .5 - .75 lbs a day.  I drink about a gallon of water a day and it helps me, so I do recommend that.  You can have black coffee (although I have to say I have cheated on that respect, as I have been adding a little Coffemate in mine....LOL) or tea.

Back in January I told you there will be a PART 2 to my weight release journey.  I am now going to tell you what that is and I am going to do it as well, as I really want to stay at my goal weight and this will help me do it.  What is it, you ask???   Well, believe it or not, most of us gain weight as a form of protection from something in our life, or some story we bought into in early part of our life, that we should be over weight.  So we need to do our homework on finding out why we gained the weight in the first place, heal our hurts and that will assure we stay at our goal weight, as nothing will hold us back from it.

I honestly believe the last time I got down to my goal weight 3 years ago, I didn't do my homework and felt that I am suppose to be in the 180 range for some reason and not in the 140 range...LOL.  But no more!!!!  I believe I deserve to be in the 140 range!!!  I could write a lot about this, but instead I will share a book that I would highly recommend for all of you to pick up as you are making your journey of weight release.  It's called A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson.  I have done training in the spiritual cause of weight gain and I know this book will be a great reminder for me and it will be a great awakener to those of you, who are not familiar with that aspect of weight gain.  It will help me keep my goal weight for the rest of my life, as it will help me understand more why I personally gain the weight in the first place.  It is different for everyone, that is why I recommend this book, so you can do your own work.  If you need counseling help with it, I am more than happy to help you, just send me an email.

Well, that is it in a BIG nutshell.  It's a long post, but about a worthy message, so hope it helps you!  Good luck to you, if you decide to walk with me in this journey.

Hugs and have a FABULOUS day!