More Ippity and a diet update

Hi ladies.  I made this card a while back and haven't shared it, but I have been wanting to.  So today is the day!  It's made with one of the newest Ippity sets called New Season, New Wonder.  This set is available now for purchase!  I had lots of fun making it.  I am going to put a little class together and teach at my home.  I am gearing up for that, so I will be announcing it soon.  It will be Ippity Workshop!  Would you be interested in coming to my home?  Let me know!!!

Here is the picture of the set I used today and you can order it on my Ippity Sales Blog!  This set is only $18! Pretty great deal, if I may say so!

And on a separate note, just wanted to update those of you, who are interested in my diet process.  During the past two weeks I have released 16 lbs, one pants size is gone, and I am happily moving forward to get into even a smaller pant size.  The weight is obviously coming off slower, than the first week, the expected release per week is between 3.5 - 5 lbs.  Last week I released 4.4 lbs, and that was perfect for me.  I am not having any cravings for anything, just eating the foods I am supposed to, and pretty satisfied with them, so it's not difficult for me to stay on this.  I am also one of those people, if I see results, I am super motivated to keep going and won't cheat, as that would only hurt me, so yes, I am very committed. I only have 25 more days on this diet, than I move into a phase, where I can eat a lot more things and try to stabilize the weight release.  That will last 6 weeks, and if I desire to release more weight after that, I can have a 2nd round of the 40 day or 23 day VLCD, so we shall see, what I want to do.

Anyway, just wanted to share this, in case you are wondering!

Hugs to you all and have a FABULOUS day!!!


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