2011 CHA Winter pictures and recap

Hello everyone!  Well, I am back from CHA....tired as heck, but so happy I got to go!  Wouldn't have it any other way.  I loved every minute of it, as CHA for me is to see new pretty things, but most importantly to see sweet friends as well.

I went to CHA this time as the photographer for Scrap-mart, so I have a ton of pictures and I uploaded them to my Photobucket account, so if you are here to check out pictures of manufacturers, please hop on there to see.  Here is the link to it.


I thought I would share a few of my personal photos that were taken with my camera.  I am going to keep on eye on Facebook, as I bet there were will be a few more favorites popping in there...but here are the ones so far.

The first place I went to is Unity of course...LOL....and I got a sweet picture with Eryn and Amy...just love these ladies to pieces.  Too bad Angela didn't end up in this picture, but I have a few pictures with her, but they weren't taken with my camera.  Their booth was CUTE as always, and full of gorgeous stamps!

Then I got to meet Samantha Walker, and actually we met Friday at the Convention Center by some fluke and she is just as sweet as I imagined!  I had such a great time helping her with her demos at Unity and at Creative Imaginations booths.  Saturday I also got to meet and hang out for lunch with a few girls from Samantha's Creative Team, and what a pleasure it was.  I had lunch with Samantha, AJ, Nancy, Guiseppa!  What a cool treat!!!!  We make an awesome team, just too bad the rest of the girlies couldn't be there.

Next picture is with my card making HERO Amy Sheffer.  I just LOVE her and it was such a surprise to run into her.  Amy, if you see this, I had such a fun time with you and yepp...we do have to Skype for sure!

Than it's been a while since Cassonda Tadlock and I chatted and wanted to meet, so finally we got to meet at CHA.  Sonda, I am so laughing here, as we kept running into each other, but I seemed to be running all the time.  I got some FUN pictures with Sonda and here is one of the better tamed picture of us...LOL And not to mention she has the nicest hubby of all, too!  It was so fun to meet Duane!!!  And in case you don't know, Sonda is the owner of Cupcards To Go, the MOST AMAZING card kit club, so check out here site!

Than, since I won a new collection pack from My Little Shoebox, I thought I would go pop in their booth and thank them for it.  And I got a picture with Pam and Shemaine right under the collection I won...LOL...how fun is that. I just LOVE these two ladies!  They are ROCKSTARS for sure!!! I am looking forward to playing with this collection, that is for sure!

I also ran into Ashley, oh, I just love this girlie....and yes, Ashley, your highlights are SEXY...hehehe.

She was walking around with Terri Anderson and of course I had to have a picture with her, too..hehehe.....I was so happy to meet her!!!  What a sweetie she is, too!  Gosh, I love this hobby, so many amazing ladies in it, makes me happy!

Then later I ran into my sweet, sweet Jessica Diedrich and Ashley happened to be there, so we took pictures together.  Jessica was there tending the Greeting's Farm booth.  I agree Jessica, we didn't get to spend time together at all.

And finally, I leave you with a fun photo of the Unity boys.....LOL...I hope they don't shoot me for this.  I love these guys SOOOOO VERY MUCH!!!!  This picture was taken as we were heading to a meeting room Sunday night after the show to set up for a meeting.  Well, we didn't quite know where this room was located and they were pretty confused and the look on their face was just precious....I mean, are they not??????

And now, before I leave.  There are quite a few things that are on Pre-order at Scrap-mart, so hop on over to check them out.  There are so many amazing new products that are coming out, I can barely wait!!!

Well, I have to run and make two cards, and will be back with one tonight.

Hugs and hope you enjoy the photobucket photos.