My weight release journey


So, the new year has started, and what do most of us do? Have our intentions, resolutions, or whatever you call them for our new year, right? I have something called the Ideal Scence that I create every year which describes how I want my life in the new year. I literally DESIGN what I want to experience. It's my life, so why not have the experiences I choose to have...hehehe.  I believe we all have choices and the choices we make are what makes this life so very interesting.  There are NO good choices, or bad choices, there are just choices.  Some leads us down the road we enjoy and some takes us to destinations, that we might not really like so much, however they are all product of our choices.  So, that is why it's so important for me to design each year what I want to experience.

Well, in the past, I have done a lot of so called yo yo dieting, you would say....LOL  I have been on that roller coaster ever since I was a teenager.  How many of you are in the same boat? Raise your hand!  I bet there are quite a bit of you.  There are plenty of diet types out there, and you name it, I tried it.  I have done the cabbage soup diet, the all eggs diet (that was before I knew about cholesterol..LOL), done the Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers (had success with both of those), tried pills and shots with some success, but no matter what, even if I succeeded to loose the weight, after a while it always came back.

Two and a half years ago, Michael saw an infomercial on TV about the 6 weeks Body Makeover by Michael Thurmond, and I was in the middle of looking for a new diet, but I wasn't sure how an infomercial diet would really work?  LOL.....BUT I figured, I will humor Michael and I give it a go with all my might, so the kit arrived and poured myself over learning everything about it.  The premise of the diet is NO SALT, NO SUGAR, VERY LITTLE FAT.  You figure out which body type you are based on questionnaire they provide and you eat the type of foods according to that.  There is also workout, they provide video and a workout band and show you what workout you need to do according to the body you desire to have.  Again, it's what you want!  Love that!

So, I started and I won't lie to you, the first week was tough...I literally cried and told Michael "I am a good cook, but all my food taste like s***t", seriously, I was crying...I am laughing now, but I wasn't then.  Well, after that I dived more into the recipes and found some amazingly tasty recipes.  They have a wonderful online forum with LOTS of support, recipes and a lot of fun challenges, too, which I did enjoy very much!  I didn't need to go to the gym to do my workout, however it was my choice to do so and I really learned to love working out.  My food became tasty and soon I felt I was just eating fine and not really on a diet and the weight starting coming off, literally falling off.  I lost 20lbs in 6 weeks!  This is me at the weight I really felt best in my life.  

Funny to look at this picture, as I am talking about weight and look at that delicious cake in front of me...LOL....well, it was my Birthday and my friends through me a little party.  But in my eyes I looked just the way I love to look.  This is the weight I want to be at again. I was around 150 lbs there, and happy as a clam...hehehe

Now fast forward, things happened and I will share about those in PART 2, so you can identify hopefully and maybe, just maybe it will click for you, too.  So, at the end of last year I decided to do what it takes to get back to this weight.  So, I am going to tell you here what I weighed on the morning of January 3rd 2011.  I stepped on my trusty scale and it weighed me in at 188.6 lbs.  Yeppp...that is all ME!  And I love myself so much, that I know all this weight I carry around is not benefiting me in any way, or shape.  And this is a sort of recent picture of me.  This was actually taken in the summer, while my son visited us.  And you know how it is when you are not so happy with your look and don't want to take pictures, well, that is why I don't have any recent ones, but this is about what I look like now.  Big difference, huh??  LOL

This time I am ready AGAIN to release all the access weight and get back to the weight that I like to see myself.  And so I started again the 6 week's body makeover diet and I know I am ready, my body and mind both are ready this time, as I did manage to loose 5 lbs the first week, which is obviously making me soooo very happy and definitely keeps me focused on my goal.  Honestly the first time I did this diet I wasn't this successful on my first week.

Now, life goes on, and I have my son visiting with us for 10days, we will be going away for a couple of days to Lake Tahoe, visiting San Francisco a day and I will be going to CHA for a few days, so I will not have access to my food, as this diet does require you to cook pretty much, however I will do my best to choose the right foods and when I get back from CHA, I will get back into it again.  

So, some of you asked on Facebook what I am doing, that is how this post came about.  I am not saying you should do this particular diet, I am just saying do something you may have had success with in the past, as most good, reputable diets do work, as long as you do them.  So, just DO SOMETHING!  Like the saying goes, "Help yourself, so God can help you, too".  I am a true believer of that.

Now, next time I will share more of my story of how I gained my weight back and also what I am doing to assure that it stays off.   Till then, let me know your thoughts.  Are  you in the same boat with me????  Are  you trying to get to different weight?  Let me know, sure would love to hear from you.