Happy New Year's Eve!

Well, it is the last post of the year, can you believe that??????  I sure have a hard time believing 2010 is gone!  I remember ringing in 2000 and now it's 10 years later.  Boy, time sure flies!  2010 brought a lot of changes for me, mostly good, so it was a great year!

Now as I reflect on this year I realize I have been so fortunate, by having a lot of amazing opportunities come my way, which I am ever so thankful for.  I made lots of new friends and had lots of good times with my old and new friends.  After not working for a year, Michael finally got a job, which required us to move, but we handled that great as well.  My son has been busy in college and working in the same time and doing a great job of both, so I am proud of him for that, too.

While life also brought me some obstacles this past year, I seemed to have made choices that kept my life happy and ultimately that is all that matters when it's all said and done.  So, here I am getting ready for a new year and about to write out my Ideal Scene for next year, I know and trust, it will be even a better year.  I have plans for that!  And all I can do is to wish you a very Happy, Healthy, Abundant Year and May All Your DREAMS Come TRUE!  So make sure you write down how you see your life in this new year coming up, you can create it the way you wan it, you know...so why not create the life you would enjoy the most?

I also want to THANK YOU all for visiting my blog all year and leaving me such sweet comments, as those comments are, what keep me going!  I truly appreciate YOU, my sweet readers!

And now I leave you with my last card of the year, which uses a sentiment that I firmly believe in, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!  It's made by Unity called Just Be You.  I used October Afternoon's Modern Homemaker papers on it.

Well, hope you have a fun night bringing the New Year in, and whatever you do, enjoy and be safe!  We are on our way back north today, driving with our kitties, yepp, they are moving in with us finally, so it will be fun trying to get them used to the new place.  Wish us luck for our drive....hehehe.... Louis has been on a trip before, so he should be fine, but Fuzzy, who is also the scardy cat in the family has never traveled on a long trip, so it will be interesting...LOL....the least to say!

And there is a FABULOUS sale at Unity, so check it out!

That is all from me, have FUN tonight at the parties, or whatever you may do!  Just ENJOY!!!!

Hugs and much LOVE!