Lookie what I made?????????/

So, you may have noticed the craze with all the gorgeous crinkled ribbons...and I sure have got the craze for them...hehehe...so look what I made last night????  I ordered a spool of ribbon from Zipper Stop, and I think I need more...LOL. I bought the white one as I wanted to spray them with Glimmer mist. So, if you like what you see, head on over to the amazing Tammy Tutterow's blog as she has a video on how to make these yummy things...  Now, I don't have a ton of Glimmer mists...only a few bottles and the coffee color one is a Maya Mist that I had, but boy, these are amazing....really so much fun!!!

I am so glad the ribbon arrived as I really wanted to incorporate some yumminess in my new Ippity release cards, so I am off to play, they should be dry by now.  Which reminds me...come back tomorrow...it's TIME to share our new stamps off....and I am so in love with all of them!!! Hooray!!!!

Well, this was just a quick post to share some fun stuff, and you never know, you could be inspired to make these gorgeous ribbons and Tammy, I am so thankful for you to make the video and sharing with us how to make these!!!

Have a fabulous rest of the Saturday!!



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