Prima - CHA 2010 Winter

OK, so seriously, I took 119 pictures at their about DROOL!!!!!  I guess, they are special to me since I am starting to teach with their products, being one of the new Primadonnas....still pinching myself about that...but anyway, regardless, they have always been on top of my favorite with all their gorgeous things...and they never disappoint me.  I am in love with their new PAPER lines, their new flowers, the bling, and the new DONNA DOWNEY line seriously rocks!  Love all the canvas surfaces to work with and gosh, she has foam stamps....THEY ARE gorgeous!!!!!!!!!  I have so many classes swirling in my head right now...wait till you see!!!!  Anyway, I will try to show you the condensed version here, as there is no way I could share 119 pictures on my blog...hehe.



Well, there is more and will post more later, but now I am heading back to the SEE YA LATER!!!