Tim Holtz July tag

Hi there, about a week and a half ago I was at a scrapbook retreat with my friends and we had so much fun!  I love to getaway for a weekend where we just sit and craft, chat, eat and ohhh, maybe have a few glasses of wine, too...LOL.  My friends and I do this once or twice a year and we found a wonderful home that is geared toward crafters that allows us to have some fun!  We are already booking for February...LOL.  Can't wait to go back!!!!

Anyway, my friends and I love everything Tim Holtz and we try to create his monthly tags as often as we can, so we decided to recreate the July tag, because we all just loved it so much and I thought I would share it.  Here is my finished tag.

It was super fun, I tell you...so many cool techniques, down to creating sand!  Make sure you click on the link above to take you the tutorial if you want to recreate it!  Guaranteed fun for sure!

That seahorse die is so adorable.  My crackle work didn't quite turn out crackle, but I still like it.  It actually was funny when I was heating it...I think I put a little too much crackle paint on it, as it looked like it was growing genitalia and horn...LOL  I did cut them off course...LOL

You can see the sand on the bottom of the tag...it's pretty awesome with what Tim created it with.  Love it!

Anyway, just a quick post for you, but I thought I would share it, since I love it.

Have a fabulous day!


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