Hip Hop!

Happy Thursday and Hip Hop!  I am still on vacation with my son, we have been having fun these past couple of days.  Monday we drove up to San Jose, which was fun, except half way up our freon leaked out of our A/C and it was like 104 degrees, but thankfully somehow it managed to still stay semi livable in the car, so all was good.  By the time we got to Gilroy, it was around 80 degrees, so we didn't melt..hehehe.

Day two started with us taking the car to the shop, and took Michael's car for the day.  We visited Half Moon Bay, which was cloudy and cold and we quickly got back in the car and drove to Santa Cruz to visit the Boardwalk, which was super fun!  We had a wonderful few hours there, walked a lot, the weather was perfect, had a great lunch and just enjoyed every minute of it!

Today, we went to San Francisco and it was another cool day, but we had the best time ever!!!!  We both fell in love with San Francisco!!!  Went to Chinatown, walked in and out of shops and had so much fun looking at galleries and finally had a great lunch! From there we were going to head to the Exploratorium, but the parking was crazy and then we saw the lines and quickly decided we better go to Fisherman's Wharf and save the Exploratorium for another day, but before that we went to Golden Gate park and saw the Golden Gate Bridge...WOW...so beautiful!!!  Finally arrived to Fisherman's Wharf and bought a bunch of yummy salt water taffies, this store had 60 flavors!!!  Can you believe???  So from there, we visited the Wax Museum, which was pretty fun as well.  We really had a great day today..

So, that is how I spent my week till now with my son...love every minute of it!  Tomorrow we might go see a Gengis Khan exhibition in San Jose and might go back to Half Moon Bay if the weather is nicer, but we shall see.

Anyway, I better share my card for today..hehehe...I made this before CHA, and here it is.

Hope you like it....

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Have a lovely day and fun with the hop!