No project to share but a Light Box tutorial instead

Hey everyone!!  I know it seems I dropped off the earth, but I really haven't, I promise...hehehe.  I was suppose to come home Monday, but Michael asked me to stay a few more days and I just couldn't say could I???  So I was chatting on Treasured Scrapbooking about what I have been doing while here and I was sharing that I actually have been creating cards believe it or not, but the cards actually are made for Clear and Simple Stamps Iphone App, so even if I wanted to, I wouldn't have been able to share them.

But that is not the only reason I am not able to share, as I could have shared other cards, but I am having a hard time taking pictures of my projects without my Nikon D60 and my photo box.  I have a cheapy camera with me, plus the apartment is kind of dark, so it's just not working, and it reminded me how grateful I am for my wonderful camera that is waiting for me at home and that how much I appreciate that Micheal built me a light box over a year ago.  Those two have been essential to show my work off in the best light.

So, I thought why not share how you can make your own light box and take awesome pictures of your projects as well?  Do you have a nice hubby at home, who is willing to sacrifice about 30 minutes of their time, or a teenager, who is willing to work for it??  I know my son would have gladly made it for me, if he was around at the time..hehehe...I know kids can be very motivated by money, right?

So, without further ado, here is the link to it.

Light box tutorial

I would love to show you mine, but it doesn't look too nice....hehehe...I put one too many cards on top of it, so it's a little crashed, after all it's not made of wood.  Anyway, hope this helps some of you.  

Have a fabulous day and I will be back with a card on Thursday.  I saved it up for Hip Hop....