What a fun Scrapbook expo and a few of my favorite things!!!

So, this weekend I was the Costa Mesa Scrapbook Expo and since Scrap-Mart was one of the vendors, I thought I would go visit.  I really didn't have an intention of going, other then that I have been trying to track a particular Prima paper...hehehe... and no they didn't have it.  I wanted to meet the owner, Howard and I am so glad I did.  He is such a super nice, fun and sweet guy!  Now I can't wait to meet Laura, that is for sure!!!  I had such a great time and he even invited me to stay and help out with some Justrite stamp demos and Spellbinders.  Well, I learned that I have no idea how to operate a Wizard..LOL...I mean, NO idea!  But thankfully Howard had two amazing ladies at the booth, Theresa and Mary (she is actually the Mother of the Spellbinders owner!).  My goodness...I had such a great time meeting them and spending time with them!  I learned a lot about Spellbinders, the Wizard and Copic, too!  I got to see the Copic Air system  at work...my gosh, I want that one some day, once I have more colors.  Anyway, can you tell, I had a great time???  Hehehehehe.

I thought I would share about a few of the amazing things I picked up, as they ARE really amazing!  First and foremost, Scrap-mart has a gorgeous Quickutz border die, that I fell in love with right away.  This is a huge border, something like a 12" size, so you can use it on layouts and if you cut it up, which is what I will do, you can use elements of it on cards.  Here is what it looks like.

Isn't this INCREDIBLE????  I am so in love with this die, I think it will be used on most of my creations, whether its a card or a layout or project...

Than I got a 12 pack of Triart markers.  I am no marker expert, haven't taken a class yet and don't have a whole lot of shades with, but I am really loving these markers now just as much as my Copics...AND they are A LOT CHEAPER, too...Scrap-mart sells them for $2.99, not bad, ey??  And they have a marker that you can refill with any marker, so you can even fill it with Copic ink...how cool is that????

I also got one of the new JustRite Stamps called Loving Thoughts Centers and the funny thing is that the Romantic Sentiments Centers was waiting for me at home (thank you Kellie at JustRite Stampers!!!).  They are both available at Scrap-mart and they are PERFECT for Valentine's day, weddings, Anniversaries....I really, really love them.   I have to say between Unity and JustRite Stampers I am all set...LOVE and ADORE both of those companies.  Anyway, here are those two sets, in case you are interested.

And this one

I was hoping to buy the January Unity Retailers KOM set, but it is still on it's way to Scrap-mart, but hope it arrives soon, so I can get it soon....hehehe  I can't wait to create with that set, as it is just to die for...hehehe.

Before I left for the Expo, I knew I was going to come home with a couple of Spellbinders, so yes, they did manage to come home with me...hehehehe...so here is what I bought, as I have been wanting these two sets for a while..they were on top of my list for sure.

And this coordinating set...isn't it pretty????  I have seen this used by so many people, and I have been wanting it sooo bad..hehehe...so now I have it..yaaaaaaaa...

Oh, and I have been wanting to try one of the Impressabilities as well, so I finally bought this one.  I played with it and my conclusion is that I can't make it work pretty in my Cuttlebug.  I tried different sandwiching, and it did emboss, but not as pretty as you can get it work in the Wizard...darn it...hehehe.  I still love it though...it's so pretty, so I will figure out a way to use it, that is for sure.  I really love that you can ink it up and emboss with it and you get the letterpress look...LOVE that!

I also got these new stamps called Powderpuff chalking inks...I love chalk inks, so I look forward to creating with them.  They are actually made by Quickquotes and they were available at the Srap-mart booth.  I used them with the JustRite stamps, as I was showing people how to use the stamps and they were beautiful colors.  My favorite colors so far are the Tahiti and Marachino Cherries....I will create with them and show you what they look like.  Here is the 12 pack that was available at the booth, so you know what they look like.  I love the fact that they are not so big, yet not so small.  I love the cat eye chalk inks, but I will play with these and let you know what I think.

At the Scrap-mart booth I also found Sassafrass and October Afternoon papers and embellishments.  I got the Amplify 12x12 size and the Farm Fresh 8x8 size.  I love the smaller size pads to design cards with, but I sure don't discriminate...hehehe...  If you go to a Scrapbook Expo, make sure you check out Scrap-mart, as they carry all the AC Cardstock packs, too on top of all the things I pointed out.  Howard gave me some of those and I love the shades, plus they really are just like Bazzill, so they are perfect for any project. 

So now, here is my disclaimer....I do design for Scrap-mart.  Some of these items have been given to me as part of my design team compensation, and some have been purchased by me, HOWEVER, if you read my excitement about the products...they are real.  I am an avid card maker and scrapbooker, if I didn't love these products I wouldn't use them or talk about them.  One of the things my Mother taught me, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it.  One of the reasons I decided to design for Scrap-mart is that they carry all the stuff I already LOVE, and if you have seen my blog the past year, you already know that...I am just putting this disclaimer out there, as yes, I am promoting Scrap-mart in this post, but why wouldn't I, if they have such great products and I shopped with them even before I got on the design team...hehehe.  I bought my Silhoutte from them last year and had the best customer service and I was only a customer at that time.  So, yes, I do recommend shopping for all your tools and JustRite and Unity stamps there, without any hesitation. And you get free shipping if you order Spellbinders, Quickutz and Bosskuts!!!!  Is that not a great deal???? If you never shopped there, sign up for their newsletter and you will get special coupons and news about sales and they do have sales quite often.

I know this was a long post, if you read it all, thank you....I don't normally post this much, but I guess I had stuff to say...hehehe.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!