Jewelry box tutorial to check out.

I just want to share quickly that I have a tutorial on the {ippity} blog today on how I created this pretty jewelry box, so if you like what you see...take a looksie.  :)

The Because of you stamp set and these papers are available to purchase in my {ippity} sales blog, in case you would like to recreate this little box.  

I have been so very busy and I have a pretty awesome, beyond exciting news to share very's my very first intetion of this year to come true and today is only January is really true, you put it out, and you can co-create anything you want with Universe's help!  I am soooo very grateful right now!!!  This year will be an amazing year, that I can feel already!  So many opportunities, so many possibilities...Life is really beautiful!  I hope you feel the same way!

Ok, well, I am off, but if you like my little jewelry box, hop on over to the {ippity} blog and see how you can make one, too.

Have a FABULOUS day!