My Secret Santa sure loves me!!!

I just have to share this with you, my bloggie friends!  There is a SANTA out there, really, there is!!!  Well, in my case I think it's a Miss Santa, although I can't confirm it...hehehe.

So, here is the story and I thought I would share it, as it is really so very sweet and blog worthy.  I will try to keep it short.

Anyway, yesterday I was minding my own business and Michael brought me this package that the mailman just delivered.  I wasn't expecting any shipments, and for change I wasn't stalking that poor mailman, and I was really surprised!  And to top it off the return address said SECRET SANTA....hmmmm...that made me really curious, I mean, wouldn't you be????  So, I opened the box and look what fell out of it?????

That's right, you are looking at a very yummy set of Copic Ciao markers and a blender to go with it.  I couldn't believe me eyes and I almost started crying, as I just couldn't believe how someone would be so generous to give me these gorgeous markers!!!! Needless to say I AM SO VERY THANKFUL, whoever you are my dear SECRET SANTA!!!!  I know I will love these markers and I can already tell there is a new addiction growing for next will see some Copic colored images from me, that is for sure...hehehe.

Ok, but here is the funny part.  There was a note in the box and it said, that my friend, Karen will be getting a set, too...yipppeeeeeeeeee....I love my Karen and I was so excited for her, too, as we have been contemplating on jumping on the Copic wagon, but neither of us really wanted to spend the money, or decide Ciao, or Sketch..hehehe, but I guess it is decided now...hehehe. 

So, I called her to see if she got her package and would you know, that girlie was out shopping??? She had no idea, if she got a package or not...hehehe.  So I told her, but didn't tell her what she is getting.  And the fun part is, I had her guessing what it could be!!!!  I tell you, we had so much fun.  I even told her what letter it starts with, but she just couldn't guess it for the life of me.  I think she was too excited about getting a package....hehehehe.  We laughed so much.....So our SWEET SECRET SANTA, thank you so much!!!!!  You really made our day!!!!! 

The package came from Georgia and Karen and I are still scratching our heads about who it could be.  We don't know anyone in GA.  We do have a slight idea, who it could be, but she doens't live in GA, however we know she has been a real sweetie about sending little gifties to certain lovely ladies, so it could be her, but don't want to say who, till it's confirmed and even than, I might not, if she wants to stay incognito...

So, I had to wait till Karen got home and got her package and we had more laughs and more guesses on who it could be.  Michael asked me, "can't you just be thankful to Universe for giving you these wonderful markers???"  Well, of course I can, but I would like to thank the person, who got Universe's message that I really wanted them..hehhehe. 

SWEET SECRET SANTA, whoever YOU ARE, I just want to THANK YOU from the BOTTOM of my HEART for your amazing generosity.  I promise to create lots of beautiful things with it and as soon as I find out who you are, I will be making something very special for you in a way of thanking you for making my Chirstmas very special.  I am wishing you the most Wonderful, Fabulous, Joyful Christmas!!!!  Hope you are surrounded by your loved ones and also wishing you the healthiest, happiest, most abundant year of all and may all your desires and wishes come true!  All this is coming from the bottom of my heart....

Well, I have to get my butt off the couch and start making cookies.  That is what I plan on making all afternoon.  The English Toffee was a success, have to make more of it...hehehe.  And I am making Snickerdoodles, Ginger cookies and some italian almond cookies I found a yummy recipe for and dying to try.

Hope you are all having a wonderful time of getting ready for the Holiday festivities.

Much love and hugs,