Yippity IPPITY!!!!!!!!!!

First of all this is my second post of the day, so please scroll down to see my Caardvarks post below this post.

I can not tell you how much I have waited for today to arrive!!!! I have so much to share, so much excitement and quite a few cards on top of that, too!!!! I tell you, I have been crazy busy making cards! And still am...hehehe...

Today is the day that I get to SHOUT from the top of the hill I live on that I am officially designing for Unity's new line called ippity!!!!! I am beyond excited, as those of you who know me, or even those of you who have been visiting my blog these past few months know how much love I have for Unity. And last month I have developed even more love toward the line and the Unity peeps...how is that possible? I don't know. So, I was sharing with Angela, when she presented this offer to me that I was manifesting her invitation for me all October! I just knew I was going to stay on as a DT member, I wanted it so bad, I could taste it..hehehe. So, here I am today, making the announcement I knew would happen. Laws of attraction it's what this is about!!! It works, I can attest to that! Life is so good, very very good! :)

Anyway, you want to check out the new ippity OpportUNITY Blog, that explains what ippity is all about, all I can say is that it's an amazing Opportunity that I know a lot of ladies will be grabbing onto and rightfully so! But check out the blog for all the details! You don't want to miss out!!!

I also have a wonderful partner, who is the amazingly talented Kelly Landers, who also happens to be the current Guest Designer for Unity Stamps! Please make sure to check out her blog as she is showing more samples done with the first few kits. I am so excited to work along with her, I know we are going to collaborate on a lot of fun things to come, so please stay tuned to the ippity OpportUNITY blog! Well, we are both very excited, even talked on the phone to plan a few things. So it will be a lot of fun and will share all that fun with you all.

And now is my pleasure to share a few cards I have done the past couple of days with the brand new ippity sets! My first one is made with the set called Simply Home. I fell in love with the sentiment and I love houses, so this was so fun to work with.

My second one is with the set called Because of you. I love these lovebirds and of course the sentiment is just perfect! This card could be for Michael, although he has seen it as I always show him my creations. Oh, yeah, he said he loves the ribbon.....hehehe....my guy is a ribbon lover.

My next card is made with the set called Devoted. I really love this quote, even though I am not religious, this quote resonated with me and this set is so very pretty. I have been dying to use this sketch for so long, so finally got to use it. Altered it a little but love it.

My last card I am sharing is with the set called Kissmass and Mistletoe. It's such a fun Christmas card and I used this week's sketch from Splitcoaststampers for it. I think it turned out to be such a fun card, don't you?

There are actually 8 sets being introduced in the new line today and one of them a scrapbook set and another one is a really awesome alphabet set! You can see all the sets on the ippity OpportUNITY blog, so run over to check them out along with what this great Opportunity is about!

Well, that is all I have to share with you today....phew...lots of stuff, that is for sure. Again, thank you for visiting my blog and sure hope you enjoy what you see here and that you are just as excited about Unity's ippity line as Kelly and I are!