In support....

Today I don't have a card to share, but I have something else that I feel the need to share. It's not even scrapbook related, but something very important to me right now. It's about a country, where people's rights and freedom has been taken away. I am sure you have seen/heard about what's been going on in Iran, and especially since Michael's family is from there, you better believe I have all the updates, sometimes a little more even than I want to. He has been glued to Twitter and gets all the information as soon as it arrives.

One thing I have learned this past week is how beautiful people really are. And I am talking about people outside of Iran from all over the world. The help and support they have offered to people in Iran via the internet is just amazing, despite the fact that the Iranian government has tried to block even that. I am just amazed and applauding for people who are showing their kindness and helping in any way they can. I found this little video on Huffington Post and just wanted to share. Take a moment, I really believe you will love it.

So, what I can do from here is send Love and Light to both to the Iranian people and their government and wish this will be resolved soon.

Thanks for reading my post and hope you don't mind that I was sharing about this, as this is what's weighing on my heart right now.

Hugs to you all!