It's my Birthday!!

Well, it was really yesterday, but I wanted to share with you a little bit about it and yes, there is some eye candy in there for you as well....

So, I have been whining and crying how badly I wanted a Cricut Expression. Everyone around me seemed to have one, but than one of my friends pointed me to the Silhouette's direction and I found a refurbished one on Ebay for $100 and almost bought it, but one of my good friends, who just purchased a Cricut Expression (Kari) told me she would sell me her original Craft Robo, so Michael bought it for me for my birthday....yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for me!!!! So I picked it up Friday and have been learning how to operate it and also downloaded a bunch of files and I know I will keep finding new ones, I feel a new addiction coming on....hehehe.... I cut a few things already, but haven't created with it yet, but I so love it!!! I can't beleive how many files are out there to be downloaded and cut on my new little machine. So, you want to see my baby???? Well, here he is....(it's a he, as it is blue..hehehe)

Yesterday, I had such a lovely day!!! I organized my scraproom, we brought one of my bookshelves out of storage, so now I can organize vertically, which is so much more attractive then the horizantal way, don't you agree??? Hehehe... Then I went to meet my friend Karen at our favorite LSS, Scrapbook Oasis as I had to drop of some scrappy goodies for her and she gave me the most beautiful card!!! She is soooo talented, but you want to see for yourself??? Here is the card she made me.

Isn't this gorgeous???? I also got two other cards from two other lovely is Yolanda, who I scrap with from time to time and I just love her to pieces...and the other one from a message board friend, Cynthia....she probably doesn't even know I am posting her card here...hehehe. Ok, so the first card is Cynthia's and the second one is Yolanda's. Aren't they so pretty??? I feel special to receive all these pretty cards!!

OK, than last Saturday my friends and I got together to scrap, or should I say just gab and shop??? hehehe....And we celebrated Kari's and my birthday, so I will share a fun photo of me here...I will ask Kari, if it's ok to post her photo as well....but we had such a fun time, and that cake is the most delicious Lemon cake....thank you Yolanda for reading my mind that I was craving that Lemon was YUMMY!!!!

Well, tonight, we are heading down to Laguna Beach, as one of my classmates is celebrating her birthday too and she invited Michael and I to join her and a few other friends and classmates to a Mozambique restaurant. I have never tried their cuisine, but I am very adventurous, so I am looking forward to it, the least to say. Which reminds me, I better get ready...yikes....

Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me share my birthday with you. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and wishing you a fabulous week coming up!!!!