More toots to share

Well, if you thought I was over sharing toots, you were looking at the wrong blog...hehehe. Ok, I will make this quick and short, but I am just beaming with happiness as last month I received not one, but two e-mails from two different scrappy forums asking me, if I would like to be in their spotlight for March. Well, who could say no to that???? I am so honored by both!!!!

Let me start with Treasured Scrapbooking. I joined them back in October, and I really fell in love with the ladies there. To be honest, I have never been a huge forum person, but for some reason I related to the ladies, love their kits and talent and I became a regular and now you can find me there daily. So this month, Shirley asked me, if I would be the Spotlight Member and did a little interview. So, if you like, check it out here:

Treasured Scrapbook March Spotlight Member

OK, the second place is Scrapbook Nook, where my friend Ching is a design team member. A few weeks ago they had a cybercrop, which I attended briefly and I was really surprised to receive a message from Jen asking me to be the Spotlight Card Maker Member for March and did a little interview there, too. How nice is that? And wow, so much talent on that site, too and lovely kits as well. So, if you like, check out my spotlight here:

Scrapbook Nook March Spotlight Card Maker

Thank you both Treasured Scrapbooking and Scrapbook Nook for thinking of me, choosing me to Spotlight, I am truly honored and love you guys for it. And ladies, thank you for letting me share my excitement with you as well. I don't have anything scrappy to show this time, but I hope you enjoyed my slice of cake tutorial earlier.

Have a lovely evening everyone!