Design Team Toot!!! - Treasured Scrapbooking

Well, I never thought I would toot about two DT's within the same 7 day period, but one thing I know.....Never say Never...hehehe. So with that said, I am so excited to share with you my happy news, that I have been asked to be the Card Designer for Treasured Scrapbooking.

Jill Cornell, the current card designer has been blessed to adopt twin little girls and she is stepping down, so they needed someone else to fill her position and Leslie asked me, if I would accept the position, and of course I said yes!!! I wish Jill many beautiful and happy moments with her new little ones and I know her life is forever going to change but what a beautiful life that will be! I know, as I couldn't imagine my life without my son (yes, I am a very proud Mom!!).

Ok, I have to share a little bit about me with you guys, if you are taking time to read this. I started attending a 2 year spiritual psychology program last October at the University of Santa Monica and I can truly say, my life, or my outlook on life has changed in a total 180 degree and I have another 1.5 years to go. I am so full of joy right now, as so many amazing things have come true for me in my artsy life, so many recognitions I have received these past few months, things that I hoped I would get some day down the road. So, I am just really, really thankful now for everything in life and just wanted share that with you. If you are looking for answers in life, I really highly recommend my school! I have around 260 classmates and although our journey has just begun, it is just AMAZING and I have yet to find out more of who I am, for why I am here, but so far I am getting to love life so much more than I ever have . LIFE IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!

So, Leslie, thank you for your invitation and trust in me to be your card designer and I will try my best to scrap my little heart out to represent your kits the best and to inspire people with my creations.

I will leave you with one quote that Michael shared with me a couple of years ago, that I am finally getting and feeling and living....

"In my world everything is Beautiful" by Rumi
Thank you all for lettin me share my happiness again....hope I having been a toot hog...hehehe...I just want to share.

Much love to you all!