Embellish Online - I won!!!!

Today I have to share something with you guys. Are you a card maker? Do you love the newest things in town? Do you want to get inspired by the most talented ladies? Do you want to chat with those same talented and extremely friendly ladies? And last, would you like to have a chance to win each month some awesome new current hottest goodies????

Ok, so if you answered yes to most of those, I have a wonderful loving place for you. I really only frequent 3 message boards, but I thoroughly enjoy them, so I love checking in each time. One of them is Embellish Online. Not only the most talented card makers gather there to share their enthusiasm of card making, but they also are such nice people. I really enjoyed getting to know them and I consider all of them to be my friends as well. They have amazing weekly challenges, that are always fun and I try to participate as much as I can, although lately I have been slacking off, I have to admit, but this week, I have the perfect items to make a rocking card, which I will make either today, or tomorrow.

So, here is the awesome part! Each month, Barb, the sweetest person, who happens to be the owner at Embellish Online posts a contest. I have to say, she is such a generous person on top of being so wonderful, and Ching will back me up on that. Well, last month she had the new Basic Grey's Bittersweet collection up for grabs with it's embellishments to go with. So, can you guess where I am going with this? Can you guess, who won??????

Yesssssssssssss....it was me!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... I am so loving my Universe! That is all I can say to you. If you are familiar with Secret, Laws of attraction, I tell you, it does work! I am so grateful for everything that has been brought to my life, as I truly cherish these wonderful gifts, so thank you Barb for my wonderful win, and here is to show you all what I won.

I also added a few more things, since I was getting my prize, just a few little stamps and a couple of sheets of papers and yummy brand you Prima flowers....yummy!!! OK, so, come on over, check out Embellish Online, I promise you will love it. This week's challenge is Trash to Treasure. It calls for Party trash to be used on any project. Well, I am just going to use some stuff that I would have trashed otherwise, don't really have any party trash. I am sure it will be accepted...hehehe.

Anyway, I will be back with my card later. Oh, yeah, and tell them I sent you! Not like it will get you anything, but why not???? hehehe. And you will find me there as well.

Have a fabulous day, it's gorgeous here in Sunny California. I am almost done with my homework, too. Life is good, really good! Thank you, thank you!