WOW!!!! 40% off everything????? Really???

Yes, really, go, run to Urban Anthology as this week everything is 40% off. So if you want to get some goodies, but you want to maximize your dollars, run over to Urban Anthology now. I just bought a few items myself. Here are a few things I got....just to share...

Just to show you a few goodies you could have at 40% off. Kari, the owner is getting ready for new CHA inventory, so she wants to move these pretty things out of her store. She has tons of Kaiser craft blings at an amazing price, wood flourishes, but check out her store, seriously, you won't get any better deals anywhere, and they are products that are HOT right now, not a year ago...hehehe, so you would want to use them for sure. Ohhh, and she even has a couple of glimmer mists, again at 40% off!!!!!! So RUN and get them!

Have a fabulous day!!!