My scrappy challenge for 2009 for me and could be for you...

Ok, so this is time of the year, that we all have resolutions we come up with, but sadly most people don't stick to them and yes, I am a guilty party, too. Well, in the past, that is...hehehe. This time I will stick to it, I promise you and me that. I know that we all have a good amount of stash, such as papers and embellishments, but how about kits you purchased in the past? I bet you, there are quite of few laying around in your scrap room or somewhere in your house, RIGHT??????? I just know it...hehehe. I can't be the only guilty party to that.....hehehe. If you have been like me, you have drooled over them and hit the purchase button, or subscribed to them and had them on auto shipment, becuase you loved them. And that is the key word "love". If we loved these kits so much when we bought them, how come we haven't used them??? I just counted the ones I have in my possession and I have 34 kits...yikess!!!! These are kits from Scrapologie, where I used to subscribe and totally loved everything Ranjini put together, and there are Jenni Bowlin kits in there, when she just started out, and I have lots of card kits and a few other club's kits and I am not even talking about my Clubscrap kits, as I am kind of just writing those off....ughhhh....why did I fall into that trap? I could never use their papers for some reason. Some day, maybe.

Anyway, am I the only one with this not using my kits issue, or are there any of you out there like me? If you are out there, I challenge you to us up your kits. Now my kits are anywhere from a few years to a couple of years old, so there is some old stuff in there, but that is the challenge part...hehehe. I always told me friends, years from now who is going to know what year these papers were made and when did I actually scrap them, right??? So it doesn't really matter to me, if they are old, or new, what matters is that I loved them, still love them and scrapping my very much loved pictures with them.

So, to start with, I will work with two kits, and only, because they are both valentine's day themed. My general rule to myself will be to create at least 2 layouts and 2 cards per kits, so since I am working with two kits, I will create 4 layouts and 4 cards. It shouldn't be hard, as I have plenty of lovey dovey pictures and I can make cards easily with these papers for any reason, but who needs to look for a reason when Valentine's day is on the corner....hehehe. One of the kits is from Scrapologie, but it must be mixed up with something else, as I have like 20 sheets of papers in there, I swear...hehehe. The other kit is from Poppyink. I will try to take pictures of them tomorrow, so you can see what I have to work with, and I guess I will have to develop the pictures from New Years Eve, as they are prefect subject for these papers.

Ok, now here is the question? Is anyone up for this challenge??? Let me know, if you are and if you are posting on your blog about it, I sure would love to see. So get those old kits out, get working on them, and don't forget to have fun!!!

That is all I have for today, and wishing you a wonderful weekend!