Happy New Year!!! Welcome 2009 and my blog candy winner!

Hope you had a wonderful New Year Eve celebration! We had such a wonderful day and night yesterday. Since we are sort of on vacation, not working really during the holidays, we have been going to bed really late and waking up really late, too. So we got up at 11AM..hehehe. Had brunch....as we had no breakfast, so we called it brunch. I have to tell you something funny about my two guys. They both LOVE computer games!!! So now that my son is here, they have been switching on and off, who is playing the game. And they are just such a hoot to watch, as they are playing the same game, so they are asking for help from each other constantly. "Hey, what do I do here?" And when one plays, the other one is sitting on the couch and which is behind the computer and they just keep staring at the monitor. I have to remind Michael sometimes to breathe, as he gets so involved when he plays the game or even, when he is just watching it....too funny!!! Hehehehe. So yesterday was no different. Which reminds me, I have to take pictures of them playing, as that is a perfect layout subject! While they were playing I headed out to the stores and heard people talking about what they were doing for New Years eve. We had no plans really, and I suddenly felt like I was missing out on something....hehehe...so I wanted to do something, too. My son left to party with his friends, so, we ended up going to a fun dinner at our favorite Hibachi Teppan House and had a very yummy dinner. We came home and I wanted to take some pictures of us and now you may remember my guy is a pretty fun guy, and such a great sport and he is always so willing to pose for pictures, so I wanted to post some of our pictures to start out the new year with making you laugh. We sure did....hehehe. We started out good, and got some sweet pictures, but than as we progressed his patience was running low and just like a kid, he was like, when are we done? You'll see what I mean....hehehehe. I guarantee, you will laugh.....

And while we took these photos, Fuzzy was confused, should he lick himself, or look cute for a photo op...hehehe. I let you decide....

And now to my Blog candy winner, here is the result:
Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-01-01 21:44:34 UTC

So the number 3 poster was Jan Butler. I don't have a way of contacting you, so please e-mail me at edobilas@gmail.com with your address, so I can send out your goodies. If I don't hear by Sunday evening, I will pull another number.

I am going to have another post today about a reveal, so make sure to check back. Have a fabulous day and Happy New Year to you all!