Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CHA 09 photos - 500 pictures later...

I finished day 2 of CHA and I literally took over 500 pictures, and guess what? I am going back this afternoon to take more! There is so much eye candy going on there, and I want to make sure I will remember everything, so I am just clicking away.

This is my first CHA in courtesy of Urban Anthology (thank you Kari again!!), and it is so much to take in. All the new stuff is fantastic, the layouts, cards and projects made with them are just major eye candy!!! And I want to share all that with you, so you can feel as if you were there with me hopefully. I took all these pictures with just a little camera, nothing fancy really, and some of them are not perfect. Now obviously I can't put all the 500 pictures on my blog, as that would really be a major overload, so I will have to be very selective and try to pick the best to represent each company.

I will have separate posts for each manufacturer, so it's not all one blurb, I think that makes it easier for all of you. I will start with Tattered Angels and yes, it will be in my next post. First of all I love Glimmermist and all their other goodies, but the other reason I am starting with them, as they had a huge basket giveaway each day with their new goodies in it, and guess who won on Sunday!!!!???? ME!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for me!!! I tell you, the Laws of attraction, the power of manifestation is sooooo amazing! I am such a true testimonial for it. I wanted to win this basket full of goodies so bad and all day I kept visualizing it, feeling it, and when they were pulling the ticket, after pulling a few and people just weren't there, I told the lady next to me, I have to get closer, as I will need to accept the basket and that is when they pulled my ticket!!!!! I was astonished needless to say, and soooo grateful, and still am!!!! So, if you don't believe you can manifest things, here is the proof! The Tattered Angels people were just so sweet! I just LOVE them! I wanted to share my photo with you with me holding my basket full of goodies and surrounded by those lovely ladies! They are going to ship all the products to me, and you bet you will see a post about that, once received. Plus I will be creating beautiful things like you won't believe. Oh, and I even got a Tattered Angels shirt from them, which I love, love, love!!!! I just want to thank everyone at Tattered Angels to make my dream come true to owning all those beautiful products, they will bring so much happiness to me and I will be sharing that happiness with others by creating and showing all the pretty projects with anything Tattered Angels. So here is me with my basket of goodies.

Oh, and yesterday I was wearing my new shirt, so I could advertise them everywhere, and I went back to their booth at the end of the day and found out the person who won Monday's basket, it was her birthday yesterday! Lots of great energy around that Tattered Angels booth, that is for sure.

Ok, so that is it for now. I will finish this post and start posting photos, so you can all drool, too!

Have a fantastic day!!!


Heidi Van Laar said...

Congratulations Eva! That is so wonderful! I can't wait to see what you do with all of those goodies!

(-: Heidi

Robin said...

Congrats Eva!! Lucky girl you!! Thanks for sharing all of the pics of CHA with us. If you get a chance to see the Art Declassified (stamps) booth, I have 6 ATCs on display there. Also, I am having a giveaway on my blog with some of their new stamp sets, drop by and enter for a chance to win if you have time.
Have fun today!

Tammy said...

Congrats Eva. Thanks so much for posting these pictures. It's been fun getting to see all the great new stuff.

Cassie said...

yea for you eva! i can't think of anybody deserving that basket more!! i can't wait to see what all you create with those yummy goodies!!

thanks so much for posting all these pics from CHA - i just finished oogling over all of them! so much favorites! love the inkadinkadoo! love the prima - pearl flourishes??? seriously?? i'm swooning!! did you see anna griffin yet? what did you think if you did?

Shirley said...

Congrats Eva! Gotta love that basket of goodies!

Ching-a-ling said...

lol!! you kill me Eva!! You were beaming, absolutely beaming when I saw you Sunday evening. I'm soo happy you won! You deserve it and will be making all sorts of yummy stuff with it!


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