Treasured Scrapbook cards

I was one of the finalist for the Treasured Scrapbook Card Designer spot and received the awesome December card kit from Leslie, the store owner. While I didn't make it, I wanted to share my cards with you, so you get to see them. I also wanted to share with everyone, who may think I am disappointed about not making it, as I am not. I am so grateful I was considered to be a finalist, as that to me is proof my work is appreciated, and I am so grateful I got to play with an awesome, fun kit and made 4 beautiful cards. I also am grateful to participate in a fun message board, as everyone is really warm and friendly there and I was so welcomed from day one. I look forward to logging in every day and see how everyone is doing, what they are making, it just makes my day more fun, so thank you guys for making a new friend in me, I sure love you all and your support means a lot to me.

And now to the cards....

I also wanted to congratulate Jill Cornell, who is now the card designer for Treasured Scrapbooking and she has an amazing talent, so make sure you hope on over to blog, check out her gorgeous work and congratulate her!

Have a fabulous day everyone!!!

Love & Light,