An afternoon's delight...

Haven't scrapped or done anything crafty all week. I want to, but something always comes in the way, or I am just too tired at the end of the day. But I wanted to share some photos of us, as today, we decided to go down to Laguna Beach, and we loved it so much that we plan on doing that once a week, or at least a lot more than in the past. We just had such a fun time walking on the beach, getting our feet wet in the water, and wow, those waves were coming at us...hehehe. Oh, and check out my crazy hair!! That's a sight worth seeing...hehehe...It was fun! I felt like a kid and made me realize that I need to allow myself to do that from time to time. While we walked around the street, we stopped by a little bakery and had some coffee and I got to watch Michael eat one of my favorite patries, an almond croissant! But I kept thinking nothing tastes as good as feeling thin or thinner in my case feels....hehehe.

Yesterday I had some fun scanning in my little girl pictures and I am going to pick them up tomorrow from being developed. I also have some new pictures of my kitty, Fuzzy, so I thought I would share a little bit of everything. A little bit of Laguna, a little bit of little Eva and a little bit of our lovely kitty, Fuzzy. Hope you enjoy the photos, as I have nothing else for now, but I swear I will have a card or who knows even a layout done tomorrow.

Michael loves this t-shirt of his, as it says Lucky Dog on it and he sure feels like it...hehehe
Ok, so here is the crazy hair.....I told you......hehehhee

Here is me when I was 2 years old at a photo shoot. I have a lot of pictures from it and just love them! I know I will have so much fun scrapping them.

Ohhhh....the joys of one's first christmas tree.....that is what I am staring at, around 8 months old.

And here is our gorgeous kitty, Fuzzy. I just love taking pictures of him. He is so darn photogenic.

Have a great night everyone!!!