My humble scrap room

I finally got a table, just a folding one we picked up at Costco, but it is huge and sturdy, and that is all I needed, plus the price was right, only $50. So I thought I post some pictures of where I now scrap and create cards. So, get ready for a lot of pictures.

So, there is my little space. In the tall colorful drawers I have Stampin Up stamps, and that is just a small amount of what I own. Everything else is in storage. My friend Ching, always used to ask me when she would come over to my place years ago "But you have more, right?" hehehehehe.... So Ching, you can be assured that I have more, a lot more!!!! I also wanted to post picture of my ink holder, something I purchased years ago, and I love that, as it holds all my SU stamp pads and a lot of other stamp pads as well. I have a closet that I keep my things in and I didn't even take a picture of the floor, as it looks like a mess, even though it isn't...hehehe...just full of goodies. I also have a big container full of flowers, like Prima and a bunch of other company's flowers I have been collecting through the years, but I have more than this container holds, too. I am also showing the way I store my ribbons. I actually have them sorted by color groups and they are in floss boxes and I store those in that big container. I have other floss size boxes full of lacey goodies and some more ribbons, plus my pretty glass jar that sits on my table. And of course I wanted to show you off my sewing machine. Believe it or not, this machine is about 16-17 years old. That time I made a lot of my little skimpy dresses, I used to be so proud that I could make a dress for myself in the morning to wear in the afternoon out of just one yard of fabric. WOW....those were some skinny days of my life. Well, I am working on getting to where I want to be weight wise, but that's a different post....hehehe. Anyway, hope you like it. I know I will have a lot of tweaking to do on it, but I will enjoy that. For now, I am so grateful I have a room and a huge table to do all the fun crappy stuff I love to do.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Till later....