Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I found out about this special blog candy from Colleen on the Sugar-N-Spice message board, and thought since I have so many cards, I would participate and make someone's day happy. Please check out Cammie's blog to learn more about it, but I promise you it is such a worthy cause and there is a chance of winning $1000 worth of amazing products from great manufacturers. But most importantly all it takes is sending a hand made card to a care giver who care for Alzheimer patients. Wouldn't you like to put smile on a hard working care giver? I know, I will.

Here is my card and I am going to send it to Jessie's Aunt from Sugar-N-Spice, who takes care of her Grandpa. Her name is Georgette, and I hope she will like my card.

Those of you that see this post, please spread the word, and send a card to someone special. Thank you!



Karen said...

That's such an awesome thing for her to do, and for you to pass on, so others can participate. I will be making a card and passing the word!

susan m said...

Your cards are the bomb! She will love it.

Jessie said...

Thanks Eva...I just know my aunt will love your card!

Ching-a-ling said...

I wont say it to jinx you. But you know what I'm thinking. :)

You're a beautiful person to be passing the word on this very wonderful cause!

carolann said...

Love this the stamp is brilliant well done hun xxxx


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