Another day, another laptop dead!

I had a very different post in mind for today and I was in the middle of posting it, too, however after HP offering to update my laptop and I was in the middle of doing that, my hard drive died. My computer situation this year has been sort of a joke. I am beginning to wonder, if I am putting out some kind of computer killer energy....hehehehe. I started in February with a brand new HP laptop and after almost 3 months, it died on me, so we returned it to Costco, where we bought it. Well, I won't bore you with the details, but as I am typing on our main computer, my 5th, 5th HP laptop just died on me this afternoon, to be exact, my hard drive crashed on a less than 3 months old computer. So we called HP and their customer service is fantastic, don't take me wrong, however I would prefer I computer I would never have to call customer service on, and be reliable instead. They said they would send out a hard drive to us, but I said hold on, we might just take it back to Costco, as we can still return it with no questions asked, as I really am not too keen on HP anymore. The lady was very nice and said HP would prefer me to keep the laptop an replace the hard drive they would send me. Yeah, this point I don't really care what they would prefer. What about me??? I would prefer a working laptop!!!! I mean how would you feel, after having 5 of them crap out on you within 8 months??????? That is just unheard of in my opinion. I had a Dell before this, and had no problems till the last few months, but that was a sign it was time to buy a new one and I owned if for 3 years. They don't seem to care that I daytrade for living and every day I can't work, because their computer doesn't work is money taken out of my pocket.....arghhh. So we marched back to Costco this afternoon and apparently I seem to be missig a little headphone from the packaging, so they wouldn't take it back. I am VERY organized about my computer parts, specially after the need of returning them so many times, so I really don't believe I got one in the first place, but I guess we will just go out and buy one and return it with it. And if they don't like it, I will just get a manager involved. I can't help it, if the computers they sell are all crappy. If it was working right, I wouldn't be taking it back, right????? Perhaps they need to not sell HP!

Anyway, I was going to post my Christine card, and I was in the middle of my post with my photos, but since my computer died, lost my photos and I just didn't have time to take a new one and now it's dark, so I will have to wait till tomorrow. And I have another update on my layout I made for the Bad Girls Contest, as I just couldn't leave it alone the way it was....hehehhehe.....and for me I prefer it the way it is now. But again, I have to retake my picture tomorrow Oh, and I did make it to the fourth round....yaaaaaaa....and this time we can use all the embellishments with want....yaaaaa again.

Also another good "You Amaze me" layout, which I made with my son's picture was accepted by Basic Grey's gallery, so now it's displayed there. It feels good they liked it enough, so it's a little victory.

So, I have no eye candy to show for today, even though I wanted to, but will retake my photos tomorrow and post it. Hope everyone had a better day today than me, and I know my day will be better tomorrow as well.

Have a great night!