6 weeks is all it took....12 lbs lighter

I wanted to post about my latest excitement, or accomplishment you could say and to encourage some of you out there, who are in the same shoes as I am. Some of you that know me personally know, that I have always struggled with my weight issues, tried pills, diets, shots, you name it, I did it. I practically lived on Lean Cuisine, as I thought I am eating less calories, less fat, I am doing the right thing, right? I also worked out sometimes regularly, sometimes not, but definitely more than most people do, yet my weight stayed about the same and didn't budge.

Well, about two months ago Michael was watching TV and saw this infomercial that guaranteed up to 30 lbs loss in as little as 6 weeks, so he came to tell me about it. So I checked out the 6 Weeks Body Makeover site and decided to order the kit and told myself I will stick to it, do what it says and give it a good chance to work. The premise of their program is to prepare your own food with not salt, fat or sugar and do 45-60 Min's of cardio 5 days a week and two days a week do toning exercises with the band they provide or at the gym, according what your body type is.

I'll be honest, the first week or two were tough, as the food I was preparing just wasn't tasting good to me, but than I started finding great recipes on their message board, which is the best support system by the way and you can truly see that this works, as you get to talk to people who have been on this program and have achieved great success, which was a huge motivator to me. So I found recipes that were delicious and even Michael started having some of my food, so life became enjoyable again. I worked out as well, and I learned something none of the trainers I have had in the past told me, that seem to be the biggest trick in my fat loss. I was never told what my heart rate should be during cardio to achieve fat loss. So I was working out way too hard to only lose muscle and not fat. Can you believe, none of the trainers ever told me? I swear they have a conspiracy about that, they just don't want you to lose weight, so you have to keep coming back to them....hehehe....well, not me. The last one did a number on me, so I will never hire another one, however I am sure there are really good ones out there, I just didn't have the right one. Especially now that I know what I need to do. And you know what? All this cost me was about $150 with shipping. I paid a lot more than that to the trainers who didn't do anything for me.

Anyhow, after 6 weeks of eating right, which meant eating 6 times a day, and working out, I managed to lose 12 lbs, but I lost 20" from my body and you can totally tell that I lost weight! Even my friends noticed it. So, if you have been having a hard time losing weight, and you tried everything like me, give this a shot. I am not getting paid for this post....hehehhehe.....I am just exited that I can get back into some of my old close that I used to wear 5 years ago, like my favorite CK jeans I tried on yesterday and oh, yeah.....I fit in them!

I am staying on the program as I really want to lose another 14 lbs, but I know I can and will and it is not difficult at all. If you have any questions, just shoot me an e-mail and I will be happy to help you with whatever I can, however their message board is very helpful, too.

Well, thanks for reading this, and once I am done with my total transformation, which I plan on doing more after I reached my goal weight, I will be posting before and after photos, as I know photos speak for themselves.

Have a great day everyone! Till later....