Blog Award - for me?????

Yes....I got a blog award from one of my best and long time friends, Ching. She and I have known each other for many many years and we actually met online on the scrapbook message board, than I started going to her crops and our styles were so similar, that we just connected, and became friends intellectually as well. We both have gone through relationships, breakups, and crying on each other shoulders, laughed our asses off together, scrapped till the wee hours only to sleep a few hours to get up and do it all over again, oh, and we even slept together, hehehehe...well, in one bed, that we shared at her infamous crops. Oh, I can vouch for her, she is a quiet sleeper, just in case you ever have to room with her...hehehe. So, you get the drift, we know each other pretty good.

So, the reason I have a blog is because of her. This year, she finally started to scrap after years of organizing and fondling her stuff and finally tried out for design teams and of course she got accepted and now she is on 3 DT's.....major overload, if you ask me, but she is so talented and is whipping out projects that have been in her head all these years. So, she started her blog, than I got this crazy idea that I should have one, too, as I love to share my work and who knows where that might go.

Anyway, after this long winded explanation, she awarded me with the I {heart} your blog award, so now I have to pick 7 people.

The Rules of this "I {heart} Your Blog" Award?

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog. {Yep, its right here NICE and BIG!!!}

2. Link the person you received your award from. {Ching}

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
So, I nominate the following fabulous girls:

Kathy - she is one talented lady and is on the Urban Anthology DT, her work is just fabulous, so check her blog out
Sherry - I met her on Urban Anthology as well, she is from Australia and has the brightest bubbliest personality and does beautiful work as well
Stace - she is one determined and talented lady....she is passionate about her scrapbooking and her goal was to be on a DT and guess what? now she proudly designs for a fabulous kit club called Sugar N Spice. Check out her site and also will love them.
Kristin - well, I met Kristin on Urban Anthology as well, and she has such a unique style, that I fell in love with her work, and now she is a member of the DT there, too. Can't wait to see her creations, so I will be stalking her blog for sure.
Kari - I met Kari through Ching, she is just the nicest person and one helluva scrapper, she is another girl on a mission to scrap. She even decided to open her online scrapbook store/kitclub, and she is the proud owner of Urban Anthology. Check out her blog and UA. The first kit is about to come out and there is some serious yummyness going on there. Good luck Kari, the site is looking fabulous!!!!
Christine - although I don't know her personally and we only exchanged a few e-mails, if you love card making as much as I do, you would be truly amazed by her talent and it shows through every one of her desings. Run to check out her site!!!
Another Christine, funny, I didn't realize my two favorite ladies have the same name. I don't know her personally, but she inspires me with every single one of her layouts. She is going to be coming out to teach at my local favorite scrapbook store in the fall and I am going to take one of her classes, just to be able to be around her. I have followed her blog for a year now, and cried reading her blog many times and also oogled over her fabulous work as well. So go check her blog out, if you haven't yet.

Well, I would have loved to nominate a lot more people, who are listed as my favorites, but for now, check out the above fabulous ladies.

Till later...