Oh, where art thou???

This is our cat, Fuzzy, looking for Shawn....."Oh, where art thou???"

So, my son is almost 19 has been living in IA with his dad for over a year, who decided to pick up and leave in a matter of 3 weeks leaving me without my son, who is my only child and only family I have, aside from Michael. Needless to say, this has been very tough on me, and this post might be just a tad bit sad, but I will interject some humor and also some motherly proudness. Again, I am treating this as my online diary mainly, but it's not a secret, so keep reading, if interested.

Anyway, my son has been racing go-karts with his dad, since he was 7 years old, and it has been his passion, practically all his life. So, when his dad decided to take a job in IA, he proposed to my son, if he goes with him, he will get him started in NASCAR racing and will buy him a race car...so, as any 17 year old boy would do, following his dream, he left. I couldn't hold him back, as much as I would have loved, to.

He was able to get a job at a race car repair shop and his boss, really took liking to him, as he is a very trustworthy, good worker. (This is one of my proud moments here....hehehehe) Anyway, he was not really loving it in IA and this year in March, he was ready to pack up and come back, however since he told his dad and his boss of his plans of moving back to CA and go to college here, they both decided to make him an offer, he couldn't resist. His boss offered to lend him a race car to race in 3 races!!!! Well, once again, what 18 year old boy could say no to that, when it has been his dream most of his life? So, he stayed and I got to see him for Spring vacation, as he came for a short visit, and went back excited, ready to race for the first time in a real race car.

Here is my major proud moment about him, and Shawn, if you read this, I have already told you this, but I am so proud of you for sticking to your dreams through thick and thin, when things weren't going your way, when you had no friends at your new place, when you didn't care for the weather, when you wished so many times to come back, or when you ask me to ship you some In N Out hamburger meal...hehehehe........most people would have just given up, but YOU DIDN'T and that is why I am so proud of you. You truly amaze me with your maturity at your young age, that is for sure. So, I wish you many winning races and I know your next one is coming up this Friday.

And here is his car his dad just bought for him to race. I keep asking Shawn, if he slept in it yet...hehehe....as I would have. It looks so cool, and now if I could just have some pictures of him with the car, than that would be even better, but for now, here are a few pictures of the car alone.

Here is a picture of Shawn a few years ago, racing his go kart...just bringing up some memories....And here is his picture from that same day in May of 2004. He just so didn't want me to take pictures of him at all, so I have a few pictures of him covering his face with anything he possibly could cover it with, so finally I had to bribe him with $20, and he let me take this picture of him. Isn't he just so handsome? I love this picture of him still so much!

I miss you Shawn very much and so is Fuzzy, he is always looking for you, hoping you will come back, well, when he is not falling out of the window, like he did the other day...hehehe...but that is another story for another day. Let's just say, he only has 8 lives left.....as falling out from the second story would have killed anyone, except a cat, I guess.....Anyway, that is all for today, no scrappy stuff to show, just my thoughts. Till next time....and thanks for reading my long vows, if you did.