Before I forget.....

A blog to me, is sort of an online diary, so I wanted to remember my first ever winning of a blog "candy". I love to look at blogs, as I find it very entertaining and always find beautiful things that inspire me. From time to time, some blog operators, be it a private person, or someone who is backed by a scrap or stamp related manufacturer will offer a chance to win some goodies.

My good friend, Ching brought to our attention on Urban Anthology's message board, that Tinkering Ink is offering some goodies on their blog, so I marched over and I put my little comment in. Now mind you, I have done this lots of times and never won anything, but this time Ching brought me luck, as I actually won....yaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... Thanks Ching again!!! You seem to bring me luck! And here is my new stamp set, that I can't hardly wait to get. I already got confirmation, that they will be in stock by the end of July, so hope to get it by the beginning of August. I am going to make some pretty cards and send was asked to e-mail them to TI for a chance to display them in their gallery. Needless to say I am so excited, can't wait. We are doing a Birthday Card Club at UA, so I know I will get a good use out of these yummy stamps.

So here they are.....aren't they just lovely? Oh, and I can't wait to get some of their new yummy papers, too. I am in love with their Becoming Green and Retro Metro is just out of the world yummy to me.

I didn't get to scrap today at all, even though I hoped for it, so that is it for now. Till Later...