Are you hungry for some yummy food and don't know where to find it????

Well, lookie here.... My wonderful friend Jackie, who I shared many lovely meals with at many, many fabulous restaurants just started her blog. All I can say is, if you live in the LA and OC area, you have to check her blog out before you head out for that hot restaurant you might have heard of, as chances are she might have been there and has reviews of it. Take a look at her blog called A Day Without Sunshine is Like Night, you'll see her first review to get a taste of what you can expect in the future. I promise you won't be disappointed, if you want a down to earth, real review.

And Jackie, I am so glad you finally started it!!!! It was about time for me to find out where are you hanging out nowadays and a what famous people are you sitting and dining next to. Enjoy life my friend!