Friday, July 25, 2008

And here is the finished layout

I just wanted to post the whole layout and a few more details of it. Hope, whoever looks will like it. I think it turned out pretty cute and I found this quote, fell in love with it and just had to use it as my title as this is my advice to myself right now.

Don't you just love my little chandelier and the flower started out as a white prima, but I stamped on it. I love those MM passport line canvas flowers, but ran out of the script one, so I made my own.

And I loved sewing and adding this gorgeous lace to this layout, I think it is just perfect.

Well, that is it for now, be back later hopefully posting more goodies....

Have a great day!



Stace said...

Check you out hot mama in those pics! lol... LOVE This layout!!

Wendy said...

oh, look at you beautiful lady! I love those pictures. Your layout - love the mix of the elements, and the clear usage. Very clever! stunning.

kathi_minikatie said...

Eva, love this LO girl! Yummy!

Pearl said...

fab fab details on the layout ! wonderful design too ! & you're looking great in the pic ! Hawt !!!


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