Ok, so I have a blog, too

I have to admit, I have been a major blog lurker, I love to admire people's artsy blogs, whether it is scrapbooking, stamping or any type of art related. I just have to look at it, admire it and save it in my favorites, so I can go back daily or at least weekly depending on my work schedule to check all the new work of arts people put on their blogs. The reason I have decided to start my own is to share the love of scrapbooking, stamping and all related art works of mine and perhaps others that I feel I have to mention, just because it is sooooo fabulous.

I have been scrapping for about 10 years and stamping for ohhh, about 5 or so years now and during those years I have collected a lot of stuff, should I say and including those items I have been addicted to lots of publications, so something just darned on me recently. I keep buying books and magazines and look at them and than they end up on my shelves collecting dust or possibly for me to look at it again one day by some slim chance. I mean really, let's all admit, how many times we look at a book or a magazine after we paged through them a few times the most? I for one am very bad about it. So I have decided, hat from now on, I will make at least one project from every issue I get, be it a layout, a card or some kind of an art piece that I fell in love with. I might copy it in it's entirety after all if I love it, let's not reinvent the wheel, or get inspiration for it and make something that is similar to what's in the publication, but perhaps with my touches and changes on it.

So, the last magazine I picked up was the most recent Stamp It magazine, which I haven't bought in such a long time, but I looked through it and I loved so many cards in there, that I decided to get it. I made one of the cards from there and I will post the details of the designer and my card itself tomorrow for whoever wants to peak. So, this is my challenge to me, so I can justify the purchase of these many magazines. So for now...I am going to bed, it's after 12 AM here in lovely California.....Good night all.